Hugh Kennedy

Software developer and creative with a keen interest in graphics programming, data visualization, procedural generation, installation art, education and open source.

Work Experience

FreelanceCreative Technologist (2017 – present)

Recently returned to freelancing on short/medium-term contracts, specialising in frontend web development, JavaScript optimisation and graphics programming.

Google Creative Lab (Xpand Group)Creative Technologist / Fiver (2016 – 2017)

11-month contract at the Google Creative Lab in Sydney. The role covered a wide breadth of domains, including but not limited to graphics programming, computer vision, web development, ideation, prototyping and physical computing.

NodeSource JavaScript/WebGL Developer (2014 – 2015)

NodeSource is a 100% remote team which specializes in delivering enterprise software products and services with a focus on Node.js and its surrounding ecosystem for clients such as Yahoo, NASA, PayPal, Intuit and Google. Responsibilities included product development, tool development and data visualization using WebGL, node.js, d3.js and React.

Small Multiples Frontend Developer (2013)

Responsible for developing visualizations, tooling and improving Open Source workflow for the team using d3.js, browserify and Backbone. Clients include the Guardian, Australian Financial Review and Web Directions.

Present Company Web Developer (2012 – 2013)

Present Company is a digital marketing firm with a focus on social media. Handled the development and deployment of sites for clients including Qantas, The Rolling Stones, Red Bull and Semi-Permanent using tools such as Node.js, nginx, Varnish, AWS, d3.js and Fabric.

Freelance Design & Development (2010 – 2013)

Beginning with Flash, Wordpress and CakePHP sites before adopting Node.js and frontend JavaScript in late 2011.

Selected Projects

stack.gl2014 – 2016

Open and modular WebGL ecosystem that I maintain with a number of collaborators. This has led to the development of over 200 small libraries, tools, demos and educational resources – including larger projects such as WebGL Workshop, Shader School,, glslify, and a chapter in WebGL Insights.


Seed is a web-based, "multilinear" novella that I helped create while working with the Google Creative Lab in Sydney. I was the lead developer on the project, also collaborating closely with my colleagues on prototyping and visual development.

Understanding npm2015

High-level visualization of the npm ecosystem intended to promote NodeSource. Responsible for design, development, analysis and aggregation.


N|Solid is an extension of Node.js that offers additional features useful for large-scale deployments. Worked on the tool's frontend interface, with a particular focus on designing and developing visualisations for performance analysis.

Web Directions South Opening Titles2013

Conference opening titles, rendered realtime in modern evergreen browsers such as Chrome and Firefox.


BDes Photography and Situated Media (University of Technology, Sydney)2013

Study focused on the history, theory and practice of Photography, Installation Art, User Experience, Data Visualization and Digital Culture.

Other Engagements