Colony is a neat little visualisation tool for exploring Node projects and their dependencies using d3.js.

Each file is represented as a node in the graph. If one file depends on another, a link is made between the two files.

Each file is coloured based on the module they belong to. By hovering over a node, you can see the file's name, the files it depends on (light), and the files that depend on it (dark).

This demo is a visualisation of colony's own code and dependencies, but you can use the command-line tool to apply it to almost any NPM module or CommonJS project. Check out the repository on Github for more information.


Click on any file to focus on it: this displays the file's source code and hides any unrelated files on the screen. Click on the file again and the rest of the project will come back into view. You can effectively explore an entire codebase this way, including any included modules.

By pressing the tilde (~) key, you can toggle the size of this text box.